slowing down to smell flowers that love us…

Happy Spring to all…
which emphasizes the need to SLOW DOWN and smell and see the detail of the design of flowers showing their beautifull blooms.

Even though we are busy people, it is a continuing goal for myself to slow down in order to pay attention to the heart within us all…despite our reluctance to do so. Yet it is where I GROW like the flowers do…into beauteous REAL LOVE.

I hope this essay of my life may help you slow down…to love yourself more.


I feel embarrassed. I want to slow down but it is difficult for me to do so even though I am into my 6th decade. I do write in my journal as my meditation several days a week; as well as enjoy dancing four nights a week. At least I no longer run marathons, which I did in the 80’s: 36 marathons in 36 months, a national record for women. Then, I was proud of my accomplishment; now I see it as abuse of my body and soul.

I still feel a bit embarrassed to tell you what happened a few months ago. Last fall (2009), I met up with my ex-husband for a visit, being friends. I planned a picnic; at his suggestion it would be at Gilford Lake, NY six miles from where he lives in Oxford. I had never been to this lake, and was surprised to see a very small beach area, although the lake is beautifully clear with near a mile to swim and boat. I laughed at the sign on the beach saying: “Only 112 bathers allowed,” along with some other rules. Why only 112?

After that visit I wrote the SUN reader’s write about this BEACH, the topic for that month. Then, decided it would be funny to provide a photo of this beach sign for the SUN. The beach is an hour away from where I live, so I planned to stop there on my return trip from Boston where one of my daughters lives. I allowed just one hour of extra time to drive this side jaunt to take some photos. I am on route 206 west, having traveled this road many times with it many ups and downs and curves. I remember passing a small sign reading Oxford, the town I wish to travel to where Gilford Lake is located nearby. Because route 206 is a country road where I pass few cars, I drive 65mph (55mph state speed limit) so I can keep my speed up to 55mph on the big up hills is my rationalization. When I arrive in Greene, NY, I am wondering why I have not seen the sign “Oxford 11” (11 miles) as yet.

I drive a few more miles and realize I must have passed the sign, returning to Greene, where I know I can turn onto route 12, arriving in Oxford that way. Hurriedly, I take photos as I am worried I won’t make it back in time for a client appointment. I am disappointed in myself for not being more observant to see the sign which I had barreled by in West Bainbridge…which I made sure I saw again on my next trip to Boston. It was a short cut that would have provided new scenery and a more efficient drive to Gilford Lake.

I must have needed to be humbled, and of course the lesson…my guardian angel teaches me again today while reading a 1966 letter written by my loving dad to his dear younger sister, recently translated from German…that reads, “As I always do, I read your letter immediately and greedily, then very slowly again. I just wanted to tell you now that I hold you very dear.” which I wish to say to the SUN.