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Have you tried talking therapy, or medications, and still feel unloved or are in an unhealthy relationship?

I will help you progress beyond the mind, to the HEART of healing– which is to FEEL your feelings.

Our bodies are full of symptoms like headaches, indigestion, and ulcers. These can be due to repression of feelings, especially tears of sadness and hurt, or rage covering up fears.

It is natural to resist these feelings, as our society tells us not to be vulnerable (“weak”). It is not safe. Yet those who are courageous enough to FEEL– with support– will heal into love unknown to most.

  1. I can do phone therapy — Please Call to Contact Me @ 607-280-8326
  2. I can assist with past life regression, as some feelings are hooked into previous lifetimes.
  3. I recommend these additional books:
    Tears and Tantrums, by Aletha Solter
    Cure by Crying, by Thomas A. Stone
    The New Primal Scream, and others by Arthur Janov
    Courage to Feel, by Andrew Seubert
    Only Love is Real, by Brian Weiss
    Through Time into Healing, by Brian Weiss
    Healing Through the Dark Emotions, by Miriam Greenspan

Other Resources: