Evolution of an Orgasm

Evolution of an Orgasm

evolutionHave you ever wondered why many say “oh god” at orgasm?

The reflection of LOVE is the purpose of EVOLution. Orgasm washed with tears exposes a pure climax of making love. Truer Love. Profound Love. Dianea’s vulnerable love story of letting go of tears at orgasm is what this unique book of evolving toward higher Love is all about. Like the clouds letting go of rain, nourishing the earth to grow, tears nourish the growth of intimate, deep love and bring emotional healing. “Especially at orgasm I let go of parts of myself that I had not known we’re holding on.”

Where SPIRIT meets SEX – where men and women can find the divine innate in all of us, whether we are alone, or with a lover, there the Beloved is present with wide-open eyes and heart.

Orgasm is a supremely beautiful and expansive feeling of letting go. Go for Love’s possibilities as you read detailed accounts of the healing power of tears at orgasm.


“One of the most unusual books about sex, love, romance, eroticism, tears, and healing that has ever fallen into my hands.”
– John Lee, author of many books on emotional healing

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