Everybody Cries

Everybody Cries

everybodycriesYOU and I own the universal gift to cry. All peoples have this gift, but many do not claim it. In fact, many shame it. Tears are the body’s only natural response for healing that we suppress or repress. Because of the myth that we need to be “strong,” and not show our tears, parents still disrespect their children’s feelings.

Why? Because parents’ hurts were not repected. We must do away with this conditioning, and the anger and rage that cover up our vulnerable hurt, our tears. It takes real couRAGE to become vulnerable – to expose our hurt tender hearts. Vulnerability is the avenue to compassion for ourselves, then others, which will eventually help us connect with one another, and all peoples, without judgement, and with LOVE.

Children’s picture story book for ages 4 and up


Everybody Cries is an original, unique, and very highly recommended addition to family, school, and community library collections.”
– Children’s Bookwatch

“Dianea has communicated a very important message in a delightful way.”
– Aletha Solter, Phd., author of Tears and Tantrums

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