TEARS ARE TRUTH…waiting to be spoken

TEARS ARE TRUTH…waiting to be spoken

tearsbookYou can learn how to benefit from the different levels of crying as Dianea Kohl reveals her most intimate journey of tears and rage, (rage can be seen as a surfboard into the ocean of tears) that continues to bring her to the deepest healing of her inner child, who is the soul of her spirit – the seat of Real Love – compassion for Self, and then others. During her twenty some years as a psychotherapist, she has been a client of behavioral, cognitive, systemic, and psychodynamic therapies that have been helpful, but not truly healing. It was in her marriage to Gregory that she found herself sobbing or having temper tantrums, like a child, that launched an undeniable healing process.

It is common to expect one’s partner to fulfill our emotional needs, but it is not realistic, nor true that they can. Thus, the fights, and ultimately tears, that are not connected to the wounded child within us all. It is a very primal feeling when one becomes deeply vulnerable to onesSelf. It is the well from which Love can spring and grow in miraculous ways. Physical symptoms dissappear. Clients are set loose from medications. Relationships are deeper in Love. And most of all, our children’s vulnerable feelings are respected, so that they can grow up into healthier Love.


Tears are Truth…waiting to be spoken is a badly needed, highly recommended antidote to the cultural mores that distort, suppress, and devalue the efficacy of tears for maintaining a complete and cohesive humanity within the individual, the family, and the community.”
– Midwest Book Review

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