TEARS ARE TRUST…waiting to be felt

TEARS ARE TRUST…waiting to be felt

tearsaretrustcoverTEARS ARE
TRUST…waiting to be felt
is the sequel to TEARS ARE TRUTH
…waiting to be spoken, the second book of a trilogy: TEARS ARE TRUE LOVE…waiting to be known, is anticipated.

Dianea continues to write of her client’s healing, this book focusing on marriages and partnerships in turmoil, healed by becoming awARE that their fighting, their anger, is a defense against being vulnerable to their hurt. It is well known that we are triggered to anger because it was not safe, as children, to express our feelings…as read in TEARS ARE TRUTH. These childhood hurts are triggered in our adult relationships and expressed readily with anger which distances us.

Dianea also details her ongoing journey with intimate tears in healing her distant relationship with her mother; and missing her loving relationship with her father, whose photo is on the cover. Many of her father’s sensitive, beautiful letters are included.

Dianea concludes with how tears heal our insensitivities to animals, plants, even our language.

Dianea asks you to join her on her remarkable journey, where vulnerability is the key to deeply loving relationships. It takes CouRAGE to


BEHIND the RAGE and ANGER are the TEARS of hurt that heal our hearts into REAL LOVE.


“There can be no real healing and growth without the full experience and integration of all our feelings. In Tears are Trust, Dianea once again champions the cause of feelings and vulnerability. She writes vividly, often poetically, and authentically about her own and other’s healing journeys.”
– Barry Vissell, MD and Joyce Vissell, RN, MS, authors of The Shared Heart, The Heart’s Wisdom, and Meant To Be (www.SharedHeart.org)

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