Everybody Laughs…do you know Y?

Everybody Laughs…do you know Y?

everybodylaughsIs the sequel to the children’s book EVERYBODY CRIES. This book is unique in that it is not illustrated by paintings or drawings like most children’s books. It is composed of black and white photos that accent the story’s FEELINGS that are discharged by LAUGHTER.

It is a real story which makes the meaning of laughter even more REAL. Even though the book is for children 4 and up, adults will be amused and also learn something important about their own HEARTS, that brings more sensitivity to the LOVE we all want to FEEL…and that baby/children give so freely.

Ages 4 and up


Everybody Laughs is a warm and intelligent examination of laughter. No one could help but be moved by the engaging progression of words and pictures. Dianea’s comments on why we laugh are poignant and insightful. ”
– Johnny Robinson, RIT Professor of film

“Fantastic book, love the photos which portray the various feelings. The author uses black and white photographs which stand out more than the characteristic use of drawings as illustrations. The relationship between Dianea and her granddaughter is beautiful!”
– Gerald Gladstein, Phd, psychologist

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