LOVING to FEEL: tears, our true connection to REAL LOVE

Today i was enjoying tending to my garden, my expanding bed of Mrytle, the blue sea of flowers shining brightly outside my window. And, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, I noticed a solitary Trillium ready to bud white…my first survivor of transplant from a field of them here in Ithaca , NY. I couldn’t help but say OHHHHHHH outloud, and thank you for your brave beauty!

And, I thought to myself, that Trillium i would have missed if not truly looking around SLOWLY…so many beautiful details of beauty I would miss like my May Apples, also transplanted from the wild last year…I can’t help but smile.

And what does this have to do with tears? Tears also may seem like details to add to the LOVE of yourself…very important details that happen when we are watching commercials, movies, listening to songs…or reading a book. Many laugh or hide when these drops of water appear unexpectedly. Yet, they are times, like springtime, to notice our own beauty through noting what was said that brought the tears, or the picture that brought up the tears. These times are OPENings to seeing yourself more clearly…and allowing the pain to let go…instead of suppressing those natural drops of healing our hearts…even endorphins, natural pain killers are part of the chemistry of emotional tears!!!

It was 1986, when in Mt. Rainier National Park, that tears sprang from my eyes as I came to the summit of a 6 mile hike….I didn’t realize why I cried then….but I never forgot those moments…and now know why. Tune in next time and I will let you know WHY.
I would love to hear from you about such moments for you…and any questions, I will be glad to answer!