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Fathers Day meets the summer solstice

I want to acknowledge all the loving fathers out there…and especially my father, Servy Michel Kohl who is no longer with me on this planet, but whose LOVE is with me always! He died in 1977, and I miss him more and more as my tears flow…loving to plant dianthus (close to my name diane)at his grave yesterday. I visit there once a month just to BE especially acknowledging of his specialness to me.

I encourage every son or daughter to have a special time with their dads…a special talk, walk, and I wish my own daughters to come to their granddad’s grave, whom they can barely remember…yet they have my love and his together whether they are aware of it or not.

For those of you who do not have that loving dad…my hope for you is to find an older man who could serve as a second dad…as I have with Bill Wernsing…now gone also…and Barry Vissell who will be the keynote speaker at the International Primal convention/retreat in August. www.primals.org for more info.

And may the summer sun give you pleasure of the flowers and trees and waterfalls of your life! Take time to notice:)
with more love, dianea