NOISE: when it is good to be nosey

     My brother asks me why I don’t live in the city of Ithaca instead of the country; saying i would not have to depend on my car so much. A good thought and why I have a moped for the warmer weather months. I tell him I love the country for the cleaner air, for seeing the brilliance of the stars and moon without the interference of artificial lighting, and I can see more birds and flowers and nature’s glories unexpectedly.
    And largely for the quiet. Radiance is my kitty for over ten years adopted from the SPCA. Due to recently moving to an apartment that would only permit him to be inside because the landlord owns a German Shepard that might hurt him, I gave Radiance up for adoption back to the SPCA. Naturally, no wonder I cried oodles! During the drive there, Radiance voiced his usual scared meows, like whenever I took him to get his rabies shot. Not a lover of the car ride. I talked with soothing tones hoping to reassure him that he was safe with me as he continued to meow. I never spoke about our destination. He has always communicated his meow-feelings by different pitches like when sad or mad  or disappointed that I’ve been away on a vacation. Or purring happily in the morning on my bed as I am waking, even before I begin to pet him which drives his purring louder.
    While I filled out 2 pages of info about Radiance being a lover of the outdoors (he’d even go outside in zero weather just long enough “to go” instead of using his litter box); he stayed in the car where he could wander around, as I don’t keep him trapped in a travel cat box. In warmer weather he is outside most of the day or night on his adventures through farm and gorge country.
     When I returned to my car, I could not see Radiance anywhere. Even when I jumped inside, I could not find him as my hands groped under the seats and I called for him. I wondered if someone had opened the door and let him out as I rarely lock my car, and never do my apartment door. Yes, I am a trusting country girl.
     Entreating a SPCA worker into my car, eventually I saw Radiance’s head peak out from under a back seat after we’d rummaged through the trunk as well. It had been maybe 15-20 minutes of searching before Radiance was found. He had not made a peep. He’d never behaved this way ever. How did he know (feel) I was abandoning him?
     He continued his quietness while being brought into the SPCA, (tears) and while I was
crying outside his new-home-cage and feeding him treats. I cannot help but cry now as I write this last sentence, sentencing him to a new home where he can eventually be happy roaming, free to be himself.
PS. If you take out the “i” in NOISE…you get nose…where i can nose around in the quiet of nature and into others hearts without being called nosey:) derogatorily. Smile you’re on Dianea’s blog.