laughter with love by cheap thrills?

I am late with my March essay. I didn’t know what to write about until today. Soon, you will realize or maybe be thrilled by why.

March 31st, 10pm, I call up my older daughter Erin, to tell her that my apartment was burglarized, my computer and TV snatched. She answers with neutrality, “You have property insurance, yes?” I am a bit disappointed not to hear, I’m sorry, but keep my own neutrality in check, and go on to say something like I’ve always kept my doors open for decades, and this surprises me, out here in the country. Then, I spring, “April Fools!”
Erin annoyingly retorts, “It’s not April Fools day yet!”…of course I am pleased, as I say, “That makes it even more fun; it’s only 2 hours from now”

I have been the prankster on April Fools day for many years, so my daughter’s are especially onto me, so when I call my younger daughter, Megan, the next day and get her voice mail, I say, “Megan, please call me, I have something important to tell you.” Later that day, I receive her voice mail that goes something like, “Mom, you can’t fool me! Don’t even try! I know its April Fool’s day!” So, I don’t, but think to myself, I’ll call tomorrow and play the trick!

That day, I drive five hours to the board meeting of the IPA (International Primal Association), of which I am the secretary, and it is a working-board weekend. When I arrive, I greet everyone, give and receive hugs, and then go out to my car for more preparations. About 10 of the board members are socializing when I return, in a large sunny room of Sandy’s home in the woods. I shout, “I have an announcement!” Everyone turns my way as I say with glee, “I am engaged!” Everyone starts clapping, and I can still see Larry’s huge smile as his large beautiful hands clap vigorously. After enjoying the applause I shout, “April Fool!” They laugh as I feel their love.

When I return home on April 3rd, there is still no SUN magazine in my mailbox and this magazine usually arrives before the first of the month. It is the only magazine I read cover to cover. It moves me to inspiration and connectedness with its personal stories and interviews of people less known that are changing the world. I wait a couple more days before I check my subscription online, and it was renewed in January for 2 years. I wait two more days, still no magazine. This amazing magazine has no advertisements and is not cheap I think to myself…the magazine still has not arrived and today is the 11th…but cyberspace did return my email saying the SUN would arrive in a couple of weeks…no explanation, no sorry, cheap (April) trick!