Holy cow! I cannot stop smiling, after seeing holy referenced in relation to the word holiday, a holy day before the 12th century. As a psychotherapist, I have delved deeply into my vulnerable tears: broken down the dam(n) of repressed childhood hurts, becoming magnificent waterfalls flowing, yes flowing down my cheeks, creating singing creeks on my face. To the point of telling everyone, “crying makes me happy”, first heard from my male Bangladesh client years ago.

My tears became ‘holy’ to me, washing away long held anger at the church and my mother. It is not a fun re-creation – which is what a holiday is supposed to be.

Right? Yet, I felt so excited when my tears opened my eyes to seeing the message within the word EVOLution. I think it was around the turn of this century that I saw LOVE in the mirror image of EVOLution seen backwards. I have written of this revelation in my books, especially EVOLution of an Orgasm – retitled EVOLution of my LOVE because someone in my dentist’s office complained that the first title was not a family-oriented book. Maybe 3-4 years later, 2007, all-of-a-sudden I saw a fuller message in the word EVOL-u-ti-on. In the mirror: no-it-u-LOVE, saying it out loud. I jumped out of my chair, up and down, joyfully screaming: “WOW! That is the whole meaning of evolution! WOW!” Sometime later, I am gazing at the word HEART(s); one after another the words spill out:




Hert (phonetically)

She, he

Share, ARE, as earth, star, heat, eat, tea, hate, star(ing)


Which became a sentence:

Hear the hert through your ear as tears of he or she share who you really ARE. Then as the earth feels love…you will become a star, shining to heat your hate out…staring into the rare heart of LOVE.

I felt as if I was on holiday.

A celebration…relaxing with my connection to everyone and everything! Holy cow! The day I wrote this essay, I went to my usual lunch place, Ned’s pizza, and there on the counter was a magazine with a front cover advertisement for CBD Fresh Mozzarella imaging a cow being elevated by a hot air balloon! Holy cow! or Holy Mackerel Andy as my dad would say! *


  • When I googled Holy Mackerel Andy, I was surprised to find that it is a song sung by the Treniers in 1957.


NOTE: from The Book of the Two Ways, written over four thousand years ago: “the gods I created from my sweat, but mankind is from the tears of mine eye.”