DOORS that Adore


Since I turned 60, I frequently think of the door to death and say to myself that I am ready and will accept it as it comes, yet I still wish to live many more years to enjoy the many synchronicitys that enter my life more and more frequently as I grow older and hopefully wiser.

The week before 2014 thanksgiving, I called Credo, the phone company I have been with for 16 years because they give millions to 40 non-profits each year.  My cell phone worked just fine, but most of my family and friends owned smart phones, and I knew my latest contract ended in November when I could get a free one.

Yes, it’s true, a new $450 iphone5c was on its way, and I knew from previous years that phones arrived within 2-3 days. So, when my phone did not arrive after 5 days, I called Credo, and they informed me that my phone had been delivered by UPS to my front door 3 days earlier. I live in a renovated chicken coop next to the farmhouse where my landlord lives at the same address, along with another apartment on his second floor. So, sometimes my packages go to these other doors. I walk to the “front” door of my place, as I always enter a side door that seems like a front door from the driveway. No package. Then, to Ed and Rosemary’s door. No package.

Disappointed, I call Credo again, who suggests I file an insurance claim, but I say I need the tracking number and then called UPS that evening. I tell my story again, and they verify indeed, that the package went to my “front” door. Serendipitously, a flash of one more door that packages had never been delivered to appeared…the actual front door of the farmhouse. With flashlight in hand, while still on the phone with the UPS man who had put me on hold to research something, I walk outside to that dark porch and there it was…yes…MY phone. When the UPS man’s voice came back to me, I excitedly exclaim, “I found my phone!”

Silence, as if he didn’t believe what he was hearing.

Immediately, I think to myself how wonderful that memory pops in just at the right time: the day before thanksgiving, the day before I gather with 15 other family members who can help me learn to use my smart phone that I am not so smart about. On thanksgiving day, how thankfull I feel as I enter my niece’s home where I see and feel faces of love adooring me.