IN THE DARK…we find light of our true loving-nature

I live in a renovated chicken coop, where I am the chick, and there are no roosters (as yet), next to the landlord who owns the farmhouse. I choose to be here because of the country light being expansive and natural. I can revel in the moon and stars and clouds without the cover-up-competition of artificial lights like those of the city. That is until twenty-somethings moved into the apartment on the second floor of the farmhouse. There had been 3 previous renters that never used the outside door-light to walk to their cars, let alone the flood light at the top of the roof. These youngsters do not have disabilities, so I have difficulty putting on my understanding hat to be able to accept such fears in their hearts. After speaking with Rosemary about my desire to have the natural light so I can appreciate the full beauty of the sky in all its starlit ness (without Oscars), she says she needs to have the flood light on at times for her safety. I am OK to have it on for five minutes, even though it takes but a minute to walk from her car down a small slope to her door, but she writes, “that is out of the question,” without any explanation. (I’ve even offered to buy her a high powered flashlight.) There is a sensor light that goes on when she drives by her door, and she says that is not adequate, although I have a longer walk from my parked car down a slope to my door and do not need any lights on, and I am a sixty-something. I can understand that when there is snow or ice she needs the light, and suggest that she stop at her door as she drives by, which triggers the sensor light to go on, get out to turn the flood light on, then park. I would be glad to do this for her if she so requested of me. Why is that “out of the question?” She writes, that she is compromising by having the light off half of the week when she is not working late, while having it on when she leaves near noon until midnight or later, so that when I arrive home the flood light decimates any semblance of organic beauty. And why is this so important to me? you might ask. Because I am becoming more aware of my inner beauty that has a stake in revealing the dark parts of my heart, so my natural innate baby-beauty can once again be seen without artificial barriers of anger and resentment, like those I used to have for my mother. And, presently don’t have for my neighbors. I want to be naturally-brighter as was my astronomer father, who adopted me and loved me just as much as his two biological children.