CARS…or CARES about you!

As I wrote last month in TRYING AGAIN, I will now tell you what happened after I said “I love you” to the man that I met at Stardust ballroom weekend only two weeks before. He lives five hours from me in a renovated farm house on Main Street of Portland, Connecticut where several acres of farmland borders his home; seems unusual to have farming on Main Street of a city doesn’t it? Well, falling in love so quickly is VERY unusual too, especially after four marriages and living alone and no boyfriend for nearly eight years. His name is Wilson, also unusual. As is his willingness to drive five hours to be with me now four out of six weekends that we have known each other. I have driven to his home only one weekend. What would we do without a car? I suppose we could have taken a bus but we both have jobs and there are no trains to Ithaca, NY. Not so long ago, my grandmother rode her horse and buggy into Ithaca to pick up groceries. She never learned to drive, but my grandfather did buy a 1940 Ford truck before I was born, or soon after, I am not sure. I am sure of the joke I was told about him driving down the middle of the road as he said he paid taxes for both sides. And I am sure I recall the sad story my mother told about Grammy having to be back at the precise time grandpa told her that he would leave Ithaca to drive home to Willseyville, fourteen miles away or he would leave her there. Without a horse or a car or a truck. I am of the generation where cars are THE way to get places, although I am incredulous that some courageous Ithacans ride their bicycles even in the winter. That’s unusual too, although in the 21st century there are bike lanes provided if you don’t mind breathing car exhaust that now has a great deal to do with the global warming problem. Just last year, a tornado took down some of a forest and damaged a couple homes just outside of Ithaca where tornados are unusual, in fact it may well be the first, only hurricanes have landed here on an unusual occasion. I love mother earth and father sky so I have bought a second hand Moped to ride six miles to work, instead of using my Jeep Liberty. I hope some day I won’t need a car, not because I am too old to drive, but because it’s unusual to be in LOVE to that extent.