Can I say I hate the Mall?


Ugh! I hate the mall, even after transforming its uptown name to the Ithaca Mall, no longer Pyramid Mall-corporation owned. Well, maybe I just dislike how I feel while walking its glossy floors, with tall windows reflecting stuff, stuff, stuff. And my consumer image.

I exclusively shop the downtown Ithaca Commons with its local small businesses until I cannot find a TV store. I wait until after christmas, hoping for sales in order to save money on a big screen.  And why do I need a big screen? I’m older and can see details better? I can place it between the tall windows where natural light will not be blocked like how my 23″ TV did? Or,  can I rationalize “I’m worth it,” as my mind reveals a screen of mal-nourished children?

Yes, half of my wardrobe comes from second-hand stores, and I no longer own a home, and I have owned second hand cars for three decades. Still, my mind mauls me with guilt.

Still, I show up at Best Buy at the Ithaca Mall and select the 43″ TV screen with the added comforting thoughts that I don’t want the 54″. (or the unbelievable 70″)

I especially like the 43″ because in numerology 143 means I love you. So, 43″ will do.