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SAYING NO…knowing moving on is best


I have lived in a renovated chicken coop for the last 13 years, enjoying the open light of the hill overlooking Treman State Park across the road where many waterfalls delight me….as well as an easy walk to a gorge of waterfalls down the far side of the farm field behind my rental. Another perk is that the landlord allowed me to plant flowers surrounding the coop where I lived as a chick with no roosters except for 2004-2005 when my then boyfriend Steve lived with me.

When I moved this past March there had been no roosters for a decade; except for  some short-lived boyfriends not lived with, I’ve been content to live alone. But not content to have pipes freezing every winter or wall drafts pushing up my electric bills. I encouraged Ed to have a free energy audit and pushed for some adequate insulation which finally happened last fall. Still, the pipes froze once this past winter. So, when he decided to raise the rent in January 2015, I said  “no.” Not until this energy issue is adequately attended to.

I was surprised when he handed me an eviction notice in February. I called his lawyer to see if this was possible. At first I was not so happy about it. Within the next 24 hours my feelings changed and I searched for a another apartment in the country. I wanted a pond badly. The first apartment I looked at I liked despite no pond, and being that we were experiencing the coldest February on record, it was fine for the move then, and the landlady and realtor actually proposed a five month lease without me saying I’d like to find my dreamed of place …a more frequent awareness of the Design Of the Universe  (DOU) giving me what I need.

Moving is usually not fun, yet I mostly enjoyed going through things I had not seen in my mother’s filing cabinet since she died in 2002, as well as other’s loving cards and letters and forgotten photos. I sold my kitchen table and chairs, had older caned chairs fixed, sold or gave away half of my books, and gave two book cases away to my daughter and granddaughter along with mom’s filing cabinet. A futon, mattress, and living room rug went to the Salvation Army. I felt light and lighter. Some clothes disappeared as well as sending my stepdaughter Sara, her school report cards and baby cup and bowl. I delighted in these giveaways.

One of my best moments, other than reading some loving cards from the past…was cleaning out the box under my bathroom sink. I found a fresh white box with perfume in it from a past boyfriend, Bill who had asked me to marry him. We are still good friends a decade later. The perfume is called TRUE LOVE! I felt elated and over come with joy by this one single find, as it connected and confirmed my publishing of the third book of my trilogy called, TEARS ARE TRUE LOVE …waiting to be known, in 2013. I will tell Ed thank you for evicting me!